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  • Licensing 

  • Layout and Design 

  • Crop Management 

  • Integrated Pest Management 

  • Propagation 

  • Production Scheduling 

  • Troubleshooting

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Custom Tailored Projects

To get started, I'll meet with you to discuss the current position and goals of your company, and determine the objectives of the project. Your project could be as simple as a solving a current pest or disease issue, or as complex as planning your entire operation from the ground up. Once we mutually agree on the objectives of a project, I'll provide a proposal with options for implementation. Cannabis Crop Solutions, LLC works with all types of cannabis growers, whether indoor, outdoor, or greenhouse, including hemp growers. 


One of the biggest challenges faced by companies looking to enter the cannabis industry is obtaining licenses for cultivation, extractions, manufacturing, or sales. Each state or country has its own regulations, and its own rubric for granting licenses. The application process can be very demanding, and you may need expert advice to ensure regulatory compliance. The number of available licenses may also be limited, thereby creating a competitive application process. Cannabis Crop Solutions, LLC can help you meet application requirements, stand out from the crowd of applicants, and win a license. 

Layout and Design 

There are so many things to consider when designing your operation that it can be overwhelming. Almost any decision, such as where you locate your stock plants, will have multiple implications for your operation. Cannabis Crop Solutions, LLC will work with you to design a facility that functions harmoniously. Here are a few design issues where you'll benefit from my advice:

  •  Air conditioning for indoor crops requires special considerations.

  • Efficient use of space can be very valuable where space is limited.

  • Light intensity and spectral distribution both affect crops.

  • Proper air distribution / circulation is very important for crop performance and disease control.

  • Automation can be centralized, and monitored via graphing and alarms.

  • How many irrigation zones you will need will depend on several factors.


Crop Management

Some important aspects of crop management that Cannabis Crop Solutions, LLC will assist you with include:

  • Transplanting

  • Irrigation / Hydroponics

  • Nutrient management

  • Pruning practices

  • Harvesting

  • Drying and Curing

  • Sanitation

My knowledge and experience in these, and other facets of crop management, will ensure your successful harvests.

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a comprehensive strategy to prevent and control pests and diseases, utilizing multiple approaches and techniques. Maintaining favorable environmental parameters, using specific cultural practices, scouting and monitoring for pests and pathogens, and treating problems early or preventatively, are all aspects of Integrated Pest Management. Cannabis Crop Solutions, LLC provides clients unmatched insight in IPM advice. 



Clone confidently.

True-to-type, disease-free propagation is the only path to consistent cannabis production. I will teach you how to start from seeds, and establish mother plants unique to your company (every seed is genetically one-of-a-kind!). I'll also assist with proper procedures for purchasing quality clones to use as mother plants, if you desire a specific clone. We will discuss the benefits and risks associated with various propagation methods, and determine what fits best for your needs (labor, equipment cost and maintenance, equipment failure, clone performance, and other factors will be considered). I can also help you establish tissue cultures for storage and maintenance of mother plants, or to use for micropropagation. 

Production Scheduling

Deciding what to grow and when to grow it, to keep products in stock and maximize revenue, can be a difficult task for managers. Cannabis Crop Solutions, LLC will guide your company to make forward-thinking crop decisions, facilitating smooth, as-needed cannabis production. 

Problem Solving

Whenever you face uncertainty before, during, or after a crop cycle, Cannabis Crop Solutions,

LLC is here to give you peace-of-mind. The cause of a problem, or of a surprising success, could be elusive. As examples, unfavorable temperatures could be the cause of root disease, favorable temperatures might've contributed to a bountiful harvest, and genetics could be the culprit behind a low yield. Abiotic factors such as environmental conditions, and biotic factors such as fungal symbionts and pathogens, could both be suspect. Cannabis Crop Solutions, LLC will thoroughly gather and examine all of the available evidence, to resolve your problems and answer your questions.

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Joe Bender is an independent crop consultant with his company Cannabis Crop Solutions, LLC. He earned his B.S. in horticultural science from the University of Florida in December of 2009, before starting his first consulting company based in Summit County, Colorado. There he helped growers overcome pest and disease problems, improved crop quality, and even discovered a light cycle interruption was the cause of a crop disorder. He also wrote an article on integrated pest management of thrips, for High Times’ July 2011 issue. After meticulously planning the cultivation operation for Breakwater Treatment and Wellness in Cranbury, New Jersey, Joe became their head grower in August of 2014. Having established Breakwater’s reputation for the highest quality cannabis flowers in NJ, Joe left to return home in October 2018, to Orlando, FL, and started Cannabis Crop Solutions, LLC. His cultivation articles have recently been published in Cannabis Culture, Weed World, and High Times. He also has a new cultivation column in The Evolution, a Kansas City, Missouri-based cannabis magazine. Joe is an expert cannabis grower, horticulturalist, plant pathologist, and entomologist, and is well versed in tissue culture, facility automation, cannabis pharmacology, ingestion and inhalation methods, extraction techniques, cannabis manufacturing, potency testing, and cannabis history. In his spare time, he enjoys golf, guitar, skateboarding, surfing, snowskating, and the company of old friends and family.

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